The Art of Doing Nothing.

Essentially it is okay to feel boredom, and i think it is actually something we should all find contentment in. Productivity, instant gratification and constant stimulation is something not discussed about enough, something that rules the human mind so heavily in this digitized era that it mars us without discernment. Traditional meditation can feel likeContinue reading “The Art of Doing Nothing.”


From the so called “Hippie Bible”, the words be here now by Baba Ram Dass has yet again struck a cord Learn that life is simply not something you have to figure out. Realising that the more you go about every moment trying to calculate life events and what to do at any given timeContinue reading “BE HERE NOW”

Invest in You

The best idea in life is to invest in thy self and I mean in every way humanly possible. The finest part about being in this body is that we aren’t exactly human, we are the observer of our human, so we have even more freedom in life than most of us are even awareContinue reading “Invest in You”

A Word’s Weigh

We tend to overlook how much meaning a word possesses and what exactly comes with them all, now I’m not a linguistic major but this is what I understand from pure and naive thought and observation. Obviously there’s probably a reasoning behind this that I hope I figure out sooner than later but for nowContinue reading “A Word’s Weigh”

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