From the so called “Hippie Bible”, the words be here now by Baba Ram Dass has yet again struck a cord

Maharajji, Guru of Ram Dass reading Be Here Now

Learn that life is simply not something you have to figure out.

Realising that the more you go about every moment trying to calculate life events and what to do at any given time equates to you being absent from the true presence that you are, is a life changer.

The key to life is absolute presence. Not positivity, motivation nor endurance, but pure concentration on no-things, with that you are not to worry.

When you wander pondering on all probable actions of your life’s direction, expectedly there will come a point where you will find a stillness and on that focus point you will realise how either uncomfortable you are in this so called comfort or stability spot or how much you missed out on, you will then start thinking of your next movement or achievement to escape this emptiness in search of more sense gratification, easily letting the journey of your life become meaningless, and then the cycle continues. It truly is the conscious walk throughout life and not the destination. You see…there shall be no destination at all. Therefore figure it out! formulate it, step by step! but release….don’t you dare miss out on your everyday life, on the boring days, the depressing weeks and the stagnant months, your life is your “life goal”.

The journey is the most valuable story we will tell ourselves.

source: Be Here Now – Baba Ram Dass

It will never only be the comfortable, secure and continual happiness, you desire so badly, it is the worry, the fear, the struggle, the taut, the uncertainty and the ungrounded-ness and dear god be there for it all, because at the “end” you will realize how asleep you were through it all. Like a dog swimming lost at sea, unsure of direction, but knowing where he wants to be where he hopes to go, surrendering to the waves in desire of reaching home. He stops and sinks underwater for a minute, unsure to give up or to continue and then gets back to paddling, when lost at sea, there is no certainty or control.

How scared you were if you did not find a comfortable place, when all the goals have been achieved, you’ll only be ready to move to the next, it’s a cycle don’t you see? You throw yourself out there or like most get pushed into the vast overwhelming sea and you paddle on in fear and shallowness until you find contentment, till you unknowingly put yourself through it once again, you’ll realize how much time you spent worrying about your purpose or how to get there that you forgot all about the getting. Now is apart of that goal, right now it’s all part of the grand story, you repeat to yourself at night to fall asleep.

When that goal is met, you’ll reminisce of that now. so think of now, now.

More than the average person I’ve freaked out about simple life consequences because of my anxiety disorder, this is because when I’m alone I am a little less stimulated, when around others there’s a constant consciousness of owing them something of “mine”. The ego of course. Humanity works in egoistic exchanges, response and feedback in its numerous symbolic languages. But this redundancy makes me feel awkward but even more so I experience a constant force of pressure personally and outwardly, indebted to someone of reactions, judgments or even a defined mood, it is very tricky. Reciprocation, is so much more than you think. You don’t want to mess anything up, social anxiety may have hindered my interactions and relationships more than others know it to but it did in fact present to me the unveiling of human and energetic interactions and exchanges. I am here now.

There’s no way to tell someone to be here now, because they’ll only do it for a few seconds, or they’ll spend the nowness thinking of being in the nowness, they’ll forget how to be here when meeting up with a friend, conversing with a cashier, when cooking a meal, stimulate yourself but with the plain awareness of the breath, when you do so, you won’t need anything else.

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