Invest in You

image by calvoyant

The best idea in life is to invest in thy self and I mean in every way humanly possible.

The finest part about being in this body is that we aren’t exactly human, we are the observer of our human, so we have even more freedom in life than most of us are even aware of. The words “invest in yourself” seems like a rather pensive statement, similar to a business transaction because in a way it is just that.

Devoting yourself to your human and your physical vehicle is something so beneficial that I grieve not being taught this from young. It is beyond ensuring financial status for future security or modern capitalism.


Investing time into forming, loving and understanding who you are, the more time you allow yourself to sit in silence to comprehend your urges, reactions and who is truly behind all of you, to ponder on your pleasures or what ticks you off and to discover even how the mind functions when there is no stimulus…that is investing in yourself….in the mind. It’s spending time in solitude to practice and master your hobbies, to interpret your characteristics, in perfecting your craft or discovering what makes you feel inspired. It’s painting and drawing or delving into difficult literature, it is playing guitar every 30 minutes or for 6 hours straight, it’s waking up before the sun and doing yoga before it rises.


With that it comes spending money on some resources to help develop better ability and uniqueness in your approach, but comfortably. Buy paints, cheap or great quality, buy yourself an easel or new makeup brushes. Purchase the crystals that will provide it’s so called beneficial energy or that one perfect pen to ink your illustrations. Invest money into whatever keeps you motivated. When you do so you can’t ever say you didn’t.

That book that you think may give you great insight, may boost you into launching the business you’ve always wanted to, get it, that’s what investing in yourself leads to, even the smallest of them. Sometimes it all starts with acting on what you want or need that blossoms into your deepest dreams.

Go to therapy and sooth your generational family trauma and/or tend to your emotions! Invest in your emotional health. Spend time talking and listening to the thoughts that flow vigorously through your mind, invest in your mental health.

Overall the value you put behind all these, no one else will ever put the same amount of significance you do into your mental health, job and things you prefer to occupy yourself with. You don’t and won’t ever have time to wait on anyone to do so as well, they don’t need to allow you to put importance onto them, it’s all up to you and your level of self love and awareness.

When you invest in yourself, you tell yourself, this will help me, this will enhance me, this will strengthen me, “this is for me and no one else wants to benefit me as much as I do”, so yes spend your savings on that $600 electric guitar, and there may never be another Jimi Hendrix, but, you need to allow yourself to place value in support of what you choose to begin or continue, in order to see some kind of preferred growth.

Contribute money Devote time Instate love

Never wait on anyone to put value and invest in you and your time. You are always in charge and if you think this serves your highest good, if this is your dharma at this exact moment, go for it, rush to it with all your passion, because your human deserves it, they deserve time, love, space, material possessions and value placed onto them and their goals,you are the leader of your mind, so do it, for you. Carry on.

Happy investing, in your body, mental, spirituality and more.

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