A Word’s Weigh

image made by calvoyant

We tend to overlook how much meaning a word possesses and what exactly comes with them all, now I’m not a linguistic major but this is what I understand from pure and naive thought and observation.

Obviously there’s probably a reasoning behind this that I hope I figure out sooner than later but for now I’ll explain to you what I’ve noticed.

I believe words get lost in their stigma, they get lost in culture, from it’s feeling to the feelings we summon onto it and therefore words are transmitted through numerous different mediums. It’s like a word is said and it passes through your experiences with that word, the automatic understanding of it, tone and all happening in your mind, and only differently for someone else, though similar understanding most times. Now there probably isn’t an actual meaning of a word since they’re simply symbols of the earth but the organic or true definition is there for a reason, because of language. What I’m saying is, words, get super lost they hit branches passing through the rough woods of every thought and trips over the muddy rocks of our emotions.

I want to say words are inert but that leads to deeper and lengthier discussion. We simply forget the original meaning of a word because of how much it’s used, how it’s used and who it’s used by. When we use words they not only fly by so quickly with our automatic understanding of them but they stick onto memories, though and emotion, therefore not even making it, thus word, it comes out an entirely different word. Good thing it is symbolic and they don’t “actually” mean anything, we add our meanings.

For me, language, brings enlightenment. Enlightenment is when you realize you are all you need, it’s a returning to oneself. When you relearn a words meaning, it’s like a clean slate, words get so jumbled and construed when used in sentences, but when you take a word for what it is, and when you take a word for it is, and it stands for itself with its origin, it’s not only a newness to it, there’s a weigh, an over understanding. I’m not saying stare at it, because then it just looks foreign right? symbols once again. We have no idea what they really are. But just listen to it for what is is, pick a regular word and just view it, they mean so much and most of that meaning is entirely up to us and who we are personally, a culture and more.

What made me come to this conclusion was Japa Meditation and the reading of sacred text. When studying sacred, there are so many metaphors but there’s also so much importance in it, it’s in the name ‘sacred’, so you tend to just put so much weigh on these words because of how powerful they seem, how much knowledge and wisdom they hold and you look into every single word with a clean slate because you don’t want to lose touch of what you want to receive oh so badly. You read every word carefully and take it for exactly as it is.

image from Waking Life dir.Richard Linklater

Take the word ‘self’ for one minute.

Just the word self, the word self in your mind and don’t think about it just let it be there.

What do you see? do you see pictures? do you envision something? do you hear other words?

Now go back to just self, what does it mean? Think deeply about it.

What is the core of the word self. Revisit the exact definition and use that word in it’s rawness. When you do this, it’s exciting, it makes everything you say feel like poetry because it’s so new you feel every word you’re saying and hearing for exactly what it is, with weigh and importance.

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