I am without form, beyond space and everything is me.

Myself Included

Cal is a creator, interested in astrology and tarot, writing, poetry, design, photography and film. They also play guitar and have finally developed wonderful calluses. They enjoy sacred texts and yoga philosophy. Yoga, mindfulness as well as travel is something that keeps cal constantly moving, energetically and mentally.

Cal is a soft spoken soul, a whisperer who has and needs constant mental stimulation, they started this blog because writing is the easiest way for them to be expressive as well as feel heard, instead of speaking, where they are prone to lack of words.

If you ever need a natal chart reading, astrological consultation, your cards read, your dreams interpreted and someone to analyze film with, cal is your mate.

This was written in third person to remind thyself that everything i wrote is simply projection and storytelling, none of it is truly me.

My Blog Posts