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The Fact That It Is You

“First of all I have arrived prior to everyone else” Many people have an inclination before setting off to their desired goals. Most don’t even get to planning that goal due to an abundance of reasons but today I’m going to stress about one very common reason and debunk it for you. The fact thatContinue reading “The Fact That It Is You”

The Art of Doing Nothing.

Essentially it is okay to feel boredom, and i think it is actually something we should all find contentment in. Productivity, instant gratification and constant stimulation is something not discussed about enough, something that rules the human mind so heavily in this digitized era that it mars us without discernment. Traditional meditation can feel likeContinue reading “The Art of Doing Nothing.”


From the so called “Hippie Bible”, the words be here now by Baba Ram Dass has yet again struck a cord Learn that life is simply not something you have to figure out. Realising that the more you go about every moment trying to calculate life events and what to do at any given timeContinue reading “BE HERE NOW”

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